Mega Ran & Amerigo Gazaway – STRANGERS: Back to The Lab (12″ Vinyl LP + Digital Album)

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Limited edition 12″ LP version of Mega Ran & Amerigo Gazaway’s ‘STRANGERS: Back to The Lab‘ on red splattered vinyl. 
Inspired by the record-breaking 4th season of “Stranger Things” (no spoilers), RandomBeats & Soul Mates present Mega Ran & Amerigo Gazaway’s “STRANGERS: Back to The Lab”, a follow up to Ran’s 2017 “STRANGERS” EP.
Featuring production from DJ DN³, Lost Perception, K-Murdock and special guest appearances from Dillon, Ray Wimley and Glennellen Anderson (“Stranger Things” S1), Mega Ran and Gazaway join forces to save the world itself from the evils of ‘The Upside Down’.

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