Amerigo Gazaway - Summertime (Single)

Amerigo Gazaway – Summertime (Single)

Pull up those blinds and the the sunshine in. Make a drink and relax. Sit back and enjoy the weather. Roll your windows down and take a drive. Grab a steak and call your friends. Tell them to bring some beer because your having cookout. Find a pool and take a dip. Then find a girl and skinny-dip. It’s summertime, and you deserve it.

Video: Bobby Exodus – My Magic Hoody

For all you hoody lovers out there….check out this DOPE new video/track my man Bobby Exodus did with my instrumental “Nocturnal Twilight”! It’s a classic hip-hop story about a magical hoody that mysteriously appears on his doorstep.

Famous By Friday (Midnight Jazz Flip)

I’m sure you all are getting pretty damn tired of hearing that “Friday” song by Rebecca Black. I know I am. Every week my friend Larry posts another parody or remix of it on my facebook page, and it ends up getting stuck in my head for the entire day. For all of you out there struggling with the same problem, here is a much more enjoyable song about Friday that I.R.V and DJ SoCal from Philly did over my instrumental joint “Midnight Jazz”.

Gramatik at Exit/In with Sojorn, Art and Amerigo

Oct. 27th at the Exit/In – Gramatik is kicking off his fall tour here in Nashville! Featuring performances by Sojorn, This is Art, and Amerigo G. This is gonna be a awesome show – if you haven’t heard Gramatik’s new album “No Shortcuts”, you can download it at

Amerigo Gazaway - Selective Hearing Vol. 1

Amerigo Gazaway – Selective Hearing Vol. 1 (Album)

Selective Hearing Volume 1 from Nashville’s Amerigo Gazaway is a laid back Trip Hop holiday, a free form collage of soothing instrumentals, fresh sampling, cuts and chill beats. ‘Nocturnal Twilight’ starts off around 80 BPM with swanky horns and clarinet, infectious drums and scratching of samples leaving the listener relaxed, intrigued, slightly dazed. Following is ‘Mr E’ beginning with funky synths, rocking beats and a groovy bass and more fresh scratching, it’s a bright tune with amusing beat repeats and edits…

Video: Selective Hearing Vol. 1 Promo

selective hearing (noun): to listen solely to what one wants to listen to , and avoid hearing what one does not wish to hear.

Check out this promo video I did for a motion graphics class. It’s a short commercial for my instrumental EP “Selective Hearing Vol. 1”

Now available at Beatport

Amerigo to be Released on Cold Busted

I’m proud to announce the upcoming release of “Selective Hearing Vol. I” the latest instrumental EP by Amerigo Gazaway. The album’s release date is set for Sept. 22, 2010 on the Cold Busted Label based out of Denver, CO.

Cold Busted was started in 2008. With artwork inspired from the 60’s and 70’s they are capturing the sound of today with the looks from the past. Owned and operated by Dj Vitamin D, his goal is to provide an additional outlet for both known and unknown artists. Expect more Trip Hop, Instrumental Hip Hop, and Experimental sounds for the years to come.

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