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Selective Gearing vol. 1 Cassette

Selective Hearing Vol. 1: Cassette Store Day Edition

Order Selective Hearing Vol. 1 on cassette here Selective Hearing Volume 1 from Nashville’s Amerigo Gazaway is a laid back Trip Hop holiday, a free form collage of soothing instrumentals, fresh sampling, cuts and chill beats. ‘Nocturnal Twilight’ starts off around 80 BPM with swanky horns and clarinet, infectious drums and scratching of samples leaving …

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Amerigo Gazaway – Way Back | Bust Free 9 (Compilation)

The ninth in a series of free releases on Cold Busted. Smooth chilled-out instrumental funk and trip-hop from a bunch of different artists. Compilation includes tracks from forthcoming releases on Cold Busted, including a track by me called “Way Back”. All free tracks are mp3s encoded at 320 kbps. Every track contains id3 tags and embedded artwork. Playlist is sorted by track key. All Bust Free releases are now for sale. Download Here!

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