Ghosts & Sinners (Original Game Soundtrack)

Original soundtrack for the cyberpunk-noir videogame “Ghosts & Sinners“, with music and sound effects composed by Amerigo Gazaway. The entire game was created in 7 days (programming, art, design, assets, music, sfx, etc) for Cyberpunk Game Jam 2019.

Play “Ghosts & Sinners” online here:

About Ghosts & Sinners

GHIBLI CITY 2154 – A lofty neon-dream of glass and stone, a promised glittering future of tech-based wonders and endless possibilities. As long as you had money or power.

The reality: A soulless metropolis run by indifferent mega-corps and corrupt politicians, shielded safely behind their black glass barbicans and ivory towers.

The rest of the eight billion soul population crammed into the four hundred square kilometre slums of the Kamagasaki Sprawl under the crushing yoke of perpetual surveillance, hunger and envy.

Agent 11, trapped between two worlds, both literal and figurative, one real and one digital. A mainframe merc, a corporate cop, indentured to wage war upon the weak, to hunt ghosts and sinners, alike.


Music/Audio: Amerigo Gazaway

Code: Plexsoup, Caevv, Sequoia

Writing: SMAXBAT

QA & Playtesting: DoggieBalloon

This is a submission for Cyberpunk Game Jam 2019