Slide Amerigo Gazaway - The Cool Out Corner (Summer Mixtape) Your info will never be sold to 3rd parties / we don't send spam, ever. Available until Monday, May 27th. Get a free digital download of "The Cool Out Corner (Summer Mixtape)".

Your info will never be sold to 3rd parties / we don't send spam, ever. Available until Monday, May 27th. Get a free digital download of "The Cool Out Corner (Summer Mixtape)".

Soundscapes: Sci-Fi Cinema (Music & Sound FX Library)

I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-beams glitter in the dark near the Tannhäuser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain. Time to die.” ~ Roy Batty (Blade Runner)

A collection of royalty-free loops and samples, inspired by classic sci-fi-film soundtracks of the 70’s & 80’s. This is the first in a series of sample libraries from producer and composer Amerigo Gazaway. 

One of my favorite genres to explore at the record store is the “soundtracks” section. I often find myself gravitating to sci-fi soundtracks from the 70’s and 80’s, particularly because of the cool cover art, synthesizer driven textures and ambient soundscapes. As a kid born in the 80’s, I also grew up watching lots of science fiction movies such as “Blade Runner” and was always curious about how the soundtracks were put together, what kind of equipment was used, etc.

This fascination (combined with my love of videogames) has recently led me to composing music for the cyberpunk-noir game “Ghosts & Sinners”. For the game’s soundtrack, I was tasked with creating an original score that evokes the atmosphere of a neon-soaked dystopian city: lush pads, futuristic beats and haunting synths. While composing I was heavily inspired by everything from synthwave to Vangelis to Stranger Things (as well as oldschool games such as Perfect Dark, Metal Gear Solid, and Max Payne).

Now you can have access to these original files to create your own unique compositions. Whether you’re a seasoned music producer or beginner learning the basics, these samples are sure to give you a great starting point for your next project.” – AG

Here’s what you get:

• 100 original loops, samples, oneshots, and sound FX
• 6 original compositions, perfect for sampling and chopping
• Sounds inspired by classic sci-fi films of the 70’s & 80’s
• All sounds organized into categories by type, bpm, key, etc
• All samples Royalty-Free (no sample clearance required)
• Comes in WAV 16bit/44.1Khz formatting
• Compatible with any DAW (Protools, Reason, Logic, Ableton, FL Studio, etc)

*Downloadable zip file includes the following folders: Bass, Leads, Drums, Pads, Percussion, Piano , SFX, Strings, Synth, Samples

Grab the entire library for $30 or subscribe on Bandcamp for access to this and other exclusives here:

For for a live demo, check out the game “Ghosts & Sinners” (soundtrack composed using sounds from this sample pack). Play “Ghosts & Sinners” online here:

Note: If you place a record using the sample(s) on a MAJOR LABEL (or want to license the track to be used in a major film, TV, videogame or commercial) you will split the publishing, royalties, mechanicals, points & advance fees with Amerigo Gazaway fairly & Production (or Co-Production) must be credited to Amerigo Gazaway (CONTACT:[email protected] if this is the case to handle negotiations). If the sample(s) are used on any NON MAJOR LABEL platforms, you can do anything you’d like with them (upload to Soundcloud, Youtube, sell the beat to indy artist, include on beat-tape, etc.)

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