Amerigo Gazaway & Xiomara – 1990 (Full Album)

An ode to 90’s R&B, Amerigo Gazaway and Xiomara’s “1990” album is a nostalgic love letter to an era that redefined the genre. Known for his work reinterpreting classics, Gazaway (most recently tapped by the Miles Davis estate for his work on the lost Rubberband sessions), steps out of his role as a remixer and gives Bay Area artist, Xiomara, the bedrock for her voice to flourish.

With her breakout 2016 release “Seven Nineteen,” Xiomara’s soulful debut took home top rankings in SF Weekly’s “5 Best Bay Area Albums of 2016” list and led to guest spots on releases from Son Little, Blu, and Oh No to name a few. Leaning heavy on Xiomara’s songwriting and arrangement chops, the newly formed duo spent the last year crafting a collaboration as original as it is reminiscent.

Watch the video for “That Old Alarm” above and listen the full album on Bandcamp, Spotify, Apple Music or wherever else music is streamed.


  1. 1989
  2. Westside Swing
  3. Bay Area 51
  4. You & Me
  5. No Pressure
  6.  ’94 Interlude
  7. Missed Call
  8. Bounce
  9. Can’t Let Go
  10. That Old Alarm
  11. 1999

Bonus Tracks

  • You Don’t Know Jack Pt. II (Bonus Track)
  • That Old Alarm feat. Blu (Extended Mix)


Soul Mates 2019

Written & Performed by Xiomara
Produced by Amerigo Gazaway
Executive Producer: Rickey Mindlin

Mixed & Mastered by Art Webb

Cover photo by Anthony “Mogli” Maureal

Video Credits

Starring: Xiomara Grace & Amerigo Gazaway
Featuring: Bryan Daniels (Man), Imani Sims (Woman)
Director: Ya’Shalan (
Cinematographer: Michael Thygesen
Gaffer: Carlos Gonzalez
Asst. Camera: Thomas Schneckenberger
Additional Camera: JJ Harris
Prod. Assistants: Scarlette Reyes & Chris Chapman
Location: Olaywa
Location & Props: Steve Kushman & California Historical Radio Society
Special Thanks: Ashlei Temena & The Party, Micheal Tunk, Lishan A.Z., Joy Coakley, Phoenix Alameda