The Real Hip-Hop: Interview with Amerigo Gazaway


Amerigo Gazaway spoke to The Real Hip-Hop about how he got into creating mashups, what goes into his creative process, and his new album, A Common Wonder.

TRHH: Common and Stevie Wonder are my two favorite artists. There are similarities in their soulfulness, did that make it a no-brainer for you to combine their music for A Common Wonder?

Amerigo Gazaway: Yeah, definitely man. My partner Ricky and I had the idea a while back, but then when the Black America Again single came out that kind of caused me to go back into the archives, dig it back up, and start working on it. Reinvestigating some of those ideas again led me to creating a handful of tracks, one of which was I Was Made to Love H.E.R. and the other was the Sixth Superstition. Once I had those I felt like I had the beginnings of a project on the way. The intro track also – it was a big moment for me finding that sample of Stevie talking about, “Have we traveled this far between space and time, or is this just the vision in my mind.” It all just kind of came together.

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