Jazzvolution Chapter Two

Jazzvolution Chapter Two (Full Stream + Vinyl)

Jazzvolution Chapter TwoExcited to be featured on the latest installment of The Find Mag‘s excellent Jazzvolution series. Listen to my instrumental track “Building Blocks” below and order the whole compilation on vinyl here.

Jazzvolution is a series of instrumental compilations which explore the deep connections between hip-hop and jazz. Each compilation focuses on the progression of the art of beatmaking. The series features beats rooted in hip-hop’s golden era, when producers recontextualized sounds by way of sampling.

This second chapter features newly created tracks and previously unreleased music by Amerigo Gazaway, L’Orange, Cosmic Analog Ensemble, Shin-Ski, Medline, Propo’88, Surreal, Tensei, Bobby Obsy, LTF & Mindswimmer. And once you get the record, don’t sleep on the back cover credits to geek out a little bit more…

Chapter Two features a new wave of beatmakers who have evolved into self-taught (multi-)instrumentalists, broken free from their MPC or SP. The ultimate vision of the series is to present an exploration of the boundaries of hip-hop beats, showcasing the idea that beatmaking is an evolution of jazz foundations.

Jazzvolution Chapter Two is limited to 300 copies, released in affiliation with the good folks at HHV Records. The artwork was done by Spanish designer and illustrator Lara Gomez.

The vinyl record consists of both previously unreleased and new music. Tracks by artists from the USA, Japan, Russia, France, Portugal, Greece, and the Netherlands.

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Jazzvolution Chapter Two Vinyl