The Goodwill Projects – MoQuannum: Soul to Sole

My good friend and DIY acapella guru The Goodwill Projects just released his new Motown x Quannum remix project, “MoQuannum: Soul to Sole”.  I contributed by doing the cover art for it and putting together the short teaser video above. It’s a free project, so if you dig Motown or Quannum/Solesides I would definitely check it out. Here’s what he had to say about it.

“MoQuannum: Soul To Sole, is a kindred fusion of past and present. To say the least, Motown records echo some of the greatest musicians and instrumental arrangements in musical history. Quannum – originally known as Solesides – is a like minded collection of artists that came together to pool their ideas and energy into something prolific and independent in contemporary music.”


MoQuannum - Soul to Sole

MoQuannum -Soul to soul back