Your Verse: Yasiin Gaye Featured in Apple Commercial + Itunes Single

With multiple tragedies still unfolding all around us, it is with mixed emotions that we share the news of Amerigo’s Yasiin Gaye remix in the new Apple commercial, Jason’s Verse. Launched in January with Robin Williams’ inspirational revisiting of a Dead Poet Society monologue, Jason’s Verse is the latest in Apple’s “What Will Your Verse Be?” marketing campaign. Exposing the story of Detroit based community activist Jason Hall as he utilizes his iPad to organize the massive weekly Slow Roll bike ride, the commercial’s theme mirrors what the late great Williams’ pondered in the campaigns’ original ad: What will your verse be?

Because of you, we’re getting the opportunity to write our verse right now. With the majority of our free projects challenging the ambiguity of fair-use and copyright law, we’ve faced enough threats, take-down notices, and cease and desist letters to justify our exit a long time ago. That is why this moment is so important for us. For the first time ever, one of Amerigo’s remix singles has been legitimized, embraced, and officially released in collaboration with the owners of the original music.

If you’ve enjoyed any of our free releases in the past and want to help us show the labels and publishers that our projects are worth embracing, buy “You Are Undeniable” (Amerigo Remix) directly on iTunes now and check out the new Apple commercial here.

Mos Def x Marvin Gaye - You Are Undeniable (Amerigo Remix)

Download on Itunes:

Mos Def & Marvin Gaye – You Are Undeniable (Amerigo Remix)