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L’Orange – After The Flowers EP

L'Orange - After The Flowers

Download: L’Orange – After The Flowers EP

In the aftermath of L’Orange’s 2014 album The Orchid Days, the After The Flowers EP is a warm vignette – a glimpse into life after the end of the world. Waking up to a surreal heavenscape, our tragic figure searches for his place somewhere between life and death.

Expanding on the themes of love and loss, L’Orange teams up with artists Chuck Inglish, Meyhem Lauren, Red Pill, Xiomara, and producer Amerigo Gazaway to bring us a stream of consciousness epilogue to his 2014 album The Orchid Days.

*Cuts/vocal scratches on “Vertigo” by Amerigo Gazaway

Allen Poe – Shrines From Dust (Prod. By Amerigo Gazaway)

allen poe how gardens grow

Check out the new single I produced for Kentucky-based emcee Allen Poe. “Shrines From Dust” is the 3rd single off Allen Poe’s new LP “How Gardens Grow”, set to release this October.

“This goes to MCs who didn’t hop in and out of “rap”.  Holding hip hop in a higher regard allowed them to ride out the highs and lows of creating; respecting it as a craft helped them to build something from very little.  S/O Amerigo Gazaway on the production and PJ Katz on the mix/master.” -Allen Poe