The Golden Edge: Interview with Amerigo Gazaway

The Golden Edge x Amerigo Gazaway

Once upon a time a guy with mixed brazilian and Southern U.S. roots that brought to my ears a great pair of works that we can call “conceptual collaboration” or mash-ups, if you prefer. That guy’s name is Amerigo Gazaway, beatmaker, producer and musician from Nashville, TN. Today we finally reached him and we had a very interesting chat about music and Hip-Hop.

First of all, who really is Amerigo Gazaway? I mean, we know you for your amazing works, from the mash-ups, to the beat-tapes but where your music take inspiration from?

AG: My music takes inspiration from a lot of places, (including but not limited to the local record store). Some other sources that come to mind right now are Miles Davis, Carl Sagan, videogames, Brazilian music, southern hip-hop, soul, funk, pop culture, etc. I like to think of myself as an “audio archeologist“, someone who digs up sonic treasures and breathes new life into them.

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