Elevator Pitch (Original Game Soundtrack)

Original Soundtrack for the 2019 Ludum Dare 44 videogame “Elevator Pitch“, with music and sounds composed by Amerigo Gazaway. The entire game was made in just under 72 hours (programming, art, design, assets, music, sfx, etc). This year’s Ludum Dare theme: “Your life is currency”.

Listen/download the soundtrack (including Bonus Beats and DJ Scratch FX)  and play the game online via your web browser here.

About Elevator Pitch:

You are a disgruntled employee at large AAA game studio “Viral Videogames Inc”. Every week you spend countless hours wasting your life away in exchange for currency without any overtime pay or benefits. You’ve been staying late nights and weekends crunching just to ship out the latest cash-grab games, all while Mr. CEO hides away in his ivory tower. Until one day, you just can’t take it anymore. Time to hitch a ride to the top floor and show “The Boss” who’s really boss.

Download/play the game below:

Ludum Dare:

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Music Composition: Amerigo Gazaway
Sound FX/Design: Amerigo Gazaway

Game Developer, Lead Designer: Joonatan Siponen
Co-Design: Amerigo Gazaway

Developer Website: